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The King's New Garden

Storyteller Interactive
The King's New Garde...
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01 Sep 2014
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What is a TECvideo?

These online, interactive videos are a radical and innovative way to use videos in the classroom. Watch the video then answer questions as they come along either during the video, or as a summary check at the end. These questions come in multiple formats like ture or false, fill in the blank, multiple choice and more.

Built-in activities

As you watch the video, curriculum-linked questions or activities will pop up that are relevant to the section of the video you just watched. From matching facial expressions to drag and drop, colouring-in or games for the entire class, there are activities to engage with every child or student. When a TECvideo covers multiple themes you can turn on or off certain question sets, this is done via Timelines. 

Introducing Timelines...

Depending on what you're teaching or what you want your child or student to learn you can turn on different timelines. Each timeline focuses on a particular aspect of the content from the video. For example if a video has questions on grammar and some questions on spelling you could choose to have both timelines turned on, just one timeline or have both off and just watch the video.

TECvideo timelines

Cloud Controls

As all TECvideos are hosted within The Education Cloud, all the resources come with the fantastic management controls you've come to expect from Education Umbrella.

Students can watch the videos without registering or logging in. Once you purchase a video just share the activation code with them and they will be able to watch instantly as long as you have copies available.

If you're buying it on behalf of a school or as a gift, you can send TECvideo(s) to somebody else via an email address after purchase. 


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A despairing royal gardener is helped by the greatest gardener of all - Mother Nature.

What is a TECvideo?
A TECvideo is an online interactive video hosted by Education Umbrella. Once purchased, the video will be instantly accessible in The Education Cloud (our online platform) at You log in with the same username and password you use for Education Umbrella. From there you can view the video, share it with others and manage who has access to it.

The storyteller for this story is Cat Weatherill.

This gentle Scottish story explores themes of greed and jealousy, beautifully woven into the story of the royal gardener trying to replicate the Queen of Sheba's garden, on the whim of the jealous King.

Below are the timelines in this video and then the topics covered within that timeline.

Narrative Structure
• Opening
• Build up
• Climax
• Resolution
• Ending

Story Journey
• Factual questions
• Imagination questions
• Using the senses
• Using the emotions

• Role play/monologue – describing the garden to someone who had not seen it
• Role play/dialogue – between two gardeners
• Mime – the creation of the garden
• Freeze-frame/thought-track – the gardener listening to the King
• Improvisation – the gardener and King walking around the gardens
• Hot seating – the gardener and the King

Grammar and Punctuation
• Apostrophes with plural nouns
• Adverbs of time
• Clauses/fronted adverbial
• Punctuating direct speech
• Pronouns - replace with nouns to compare
• Expanded noun phrases - how they add detail and interest
Reading and Comprehension
• Words that capture interest about the characters and the garden
• Inference – the Queen’s words and actions
• Words in context - 'elaborate'
• Structure contributing to meaning - building up tension
• Inference – characters’ actions
• Identifying themes – greed, jealousy

• Poetry/description/guide book – compare and discuss differences
• Note taking – the Queen’s Gardener
• Instructions – How to make a garden
• Showing not telling/enhancing effectiveness of writing
• Diary entry - as King’s gardener
• Playscript/dialogue – between two under-gardeners
• Non-fictions follow up – researching and presenting

• descriptive vocabulary
• the suffix /ly/
• words with /sc/
• the suffix /ous/
• the prefix /dis/
• the letter string /ure/

• Geography – research famous gardens (images in media folder)
• Art – draw, paint or make collage of beautiful garden
• Maths – measure, record and calculate perimeter and area of sections of school grounds
• Design technology/Science – plan a garden or research plants
• Science – grow your own plants
• Art – paint picture of a garden with doorway overlay
• Music – create musical sounds to accompany king’s walk around garden
• Art – make 4 pictures of the same garden representing the seasons

Year Group:
Year 3 - Year 5

Product Details

Interest Level:
8 - 9
Country Pub:
United Kingdom

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TECvideo Demo

TECvideo Demo

Enjoy a sample of our Mr. Wah story to gain an insight to the power of The Education Cloud video player.

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