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The Gingerbread Man

Storyteller Interactive
The Gingerbread Man
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Education Umbrella
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01 Sep 2014
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What is a TECvideo?

These online, interactive videos are a radical and innovative way to teach primary literacy in the classroom. Built for the new national curriculum, each video contains roughly a term's worth of activities and is sure to keep your entire class entertained and engaged. Be sure to check out the demo!

Built-in activities

As you watch the video, curriculum-linked activities will pop up that are relevant to the section of the video you just watched. From matching facial expressions to drag and drop, colouring-in or games for the entire class, there are activities to engage with every child. Which activities appear is completely in your control. 

Introducing Timelines...

Depending on what you're teaching or what you want your child to learn you can turn on different timelines. Each timeline focuses on a particular aspect of the national curriculum in the UK, such as Punctuation, Drama, or Reading and Comprehension:

TECvideo timelines

Cloud Controls

As all TECvideos are hosted within The Education Cloud, all the resources come with the fantastic management controls you've come to expect from Education Umbrella.

If you're buying it on behalf of a school or as a gift, you can send TECvideo(s) to somebody else via an email address after purchase.


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Want to try it for yourself? Click the demo link below to try out the story of Mr. Wah. 


A tiny man made of biscuit dough runs until his luck runs out. The storyteller for this video is Cat Weatherill.

This story (first printed in 1875) is American, but there are variants across the globe. Thirty years earlier, the famous Norwegian story-collectors Asbjornsen and Moe collected a story called The Pancake. The traditional English version is The Johnny-Cake (it rolls rather than runs) and the Scots have a famous tale called The Wee Bannock. Modern additions to the menu include runaway chapattis, pickles, latkes, tortillas and rice cakes. This is a story of chase and adventure and the moral lesson is to be careful who you trust and be careful when making decisions.

Below are the timelines in this video and then the topics covered within that timeline.

Narrative Structure
• Opening
• Build up
• Climax
• Resolution
• Ending

Story Journey
• Factual questions
• Imagination questions
• Using the senses
• Using the emotions

• Drama warm-up – do the Gingerbread shake down!
• Drama warm-up – Run, Run Gingerbread!
• Drama warm-up - Who’s humming/singing?
• Role play/paired dialogue – act out the last scene as the fox and Gingerbread man
• Role play/character view point – tell the story in role as the Gingerbread man.

Grammar and Punctuation
• Plural noun suffixes – find the plurals in this section of the story
• Introduction to question marks - identifying questions in these sentences
• Unjumbling words to make a sentence
• Joining sentences using 'and'.

Reading and Comprehension
• Complete the sentences – using words from the story
• Joining in with rhyme as they watch the story
• True or false? Justify answers with information from the story
• Multiple choice – choose the correct word to make meaning in the sentence
• Inference – how did the Gingerbread man feel at different points in the story?

• Writing recipe – to make Gingerbread men, for bake sale
• Advertising posters – make a poster for a bake sale
• Letter writing – to a local charity, telling them of your bake sale
• Developing vocabulary – descriptions to match characters
NOTE: Writing opportunities are also included in other timelines

• Discussing new word meanings from the text
• Write words from memory, dictated by the teacher
• Vowel or consonant? Identify them in this activity
• Highlight the “nonsense” words in this paragraph
• Counting syllables and sorting these words.

• Design technology /Art - make some gingerbread men with this recipe
• Numeracy – variety of activities
• Design technology – make salt dough characters with this recipe, to help with retelling
• P.E warm-up/Music /Dance – use the Gingerbread Man song in a variety of ways
• Art – create a large wall display of the characters chasing the gingerbread man towards the fox.

Year Group:
Reception - Year 2

Product Details

Interest Level:
5 - 6
Country Pub:
United Kingdom

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TECvideo Demo

TECvideo Demo

Enjoy a sample of our Mr. Wah story to gain an insight to the power of The Education Cloud video player.

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