Storyteller Interactive is quick to set up and extremely easy to use, and doesn't require any specialist computer skills.

This selection of short videos gives an overview of how to buy, manage and use a Storyteller Interactive video in the classroom.

When you're ready to move on, you can see our stories or try our sample video, Mr Wah.

From the Storyteller Interactive Homepage, click on Our Stories.  .

All of the stories are arranged by year group, from Reception to Year 6 and KS3 recovery.

So, start by choosing a story for your class - In this example, we’ll select years 3&4 and then choose the story, Mr Wah.

Click ‘full details’ if you want more information and a summary of all the activities  available on the timelines. 

  • Next, fill in the quantity you require and click, “add basket”
  • You can view your basket from the top right hand corner of the page and proceed to “checkout”.
  • Here you’ll be asked to “sign in”, or register if you’re a “new user”
  • Now, you can confirm your order and make a payment
  • You will receive an email confirming your purchase with a link to the Education Cloud where you can log in to immediately access the resources.

The Education Cloud is where you will access your stories from now on – think of it as your Storyteller Interactive library shelf.

Now you’re ready to use the story or even loan it to someone else, but like a book or DVD, it can only be used by one person at a time.

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How Do I Buy A Story For My Class


All of the stories come as a 1-year subscription.  So anytime you buy a story, it will be accessible to you for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Let’s assume you buy several copies of one story, possibly to share with colleagues in your year group.

After purchasing you will find your resource in the education cloud.

Log into The Education Cloud and click on the story.

You will be given the option to ‘Manage Resources’ (orange button), click this.

There you will get an overview page of the resource.

It includes a list of all the copies you have purchased and who they are allocated to.

On an unallocated resource you can mouse over and choose “Loan it to someone…”.

You can then loan it/them in 2 ways…

  1. Direct loan by email address
  2. Loan by activation code - give a user a code and they can unlock the resource.

Both have the same end result.

Buying the whole bundle for the school.

The principle is the same as loaning.  A central administration person simply sends the code to the appropriate teacher.  They log into their account on the Education Cloud, where they can select the story.


You can choose to play the story on its own without using any of the timelines, lesson plans or CPD links.

Simply click ‘just play the video’ and watch the story as you would any other video.  They are perfect to watch and enjoy with your class, perhaps for Golden Time or wet play.


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How Do I Just Watch The Story


We’ve created 8 literacy-themed timelines that easily link activities to a relevant point in a story.

Within each timeline is a selection of planning activities.  In this example we’ll look at the grammar and punctuation timeline.  This opens up 5 activites which can be individually turned on or off and are the building blocks for your lesson.  We’ll focus on ‘grammar in action’ in this example, so we’ll turn off all the others.

Now select ‘play the video and show the activities’, and this one activity will appear on the video play bar.  You can mouse over it for a summary or select ‘show’ to preview the activity.  Now play the story, and the video will automatically stop when it reaches that activity. When you have finished with this activity, click 'done' to continue with the story

If you want to go straight to the activity, simply click on the colour coded bubble above and it will instantly take you there.  This feature means that you won’t have to scroll through the video and can easily find the exact point you’re looking for.

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What Are Timelines


In PLANNING mode...

... turn on the timeline you’d like to explore and all of the activites will appear.  In this example we’ll show grammar and punctuation.

Here you can select or deselect activities by clicking ‘on or off’.

In this mode you will see:

  • The title and activity
  • ‘What to do’ – ‘teacher planning’.  Here is essential information designed to work in tandem with the activites. You can easily cut and paste this into your own planning, or print it – they’re not PDFs
  • A summary of the activity
  • The national curriculum learning objective covered
  • A preview of the activity
  • And the on/off selection for the activity
  • You can choose any activities from any of the timelines to create your own customised lessons
  • If there is more than one activity at the same point in the story, they will appear as a ‘stack’ on the video timeline, and will automatically play through each one
  • Some activities are in several parts, so click ‘next’ on the bottom right hand corner
  • When you’ve finished the activity, just click ‘done’ and the video will continue where it left off


In TIMELINE mode... will get a graphic overview of the activites you have just selected in the planning mode.

Here you also have the option to turn on or off the activities by clicking on the small circle.

  • You can “preview” the activity by mousing over the small square above it
  • Or click “show” to see the activity

Now click ‘Play the video and show the activities.’ And you will see the selected activities on the video timeline.

All the activites selected will stay selected until you change them, so you can confidently plan ahead of time.

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How Do I Use The Timelines


In the ESSENTIALS information tab, you’ll find additional resources that support your lessons, including:

  • Links to short professional development videos and explanations of drama techniques
  • printable resources – such as fact files and templates for writing frames
  • A helpful Grammar Glossary
  • A complete transcript of the story showing the narrative structure points and one showing spelling highlights

You can also reach the CPD or Grammar Glossary using the navigation at the top of the home page.

You can download or print anything where you see this icon. They’re not PDFs so you can use them very flexibly.


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What's In the Essentials Tab


We recommend you start by watching the story with just the ‘Story Journey’ timeline turned on.  This will play the complete story first, with a series of Talking Points appearing at the end, designed to stimulate class discussion.  (Story Journey is not available in the shorter demo version.)

We suggest you then start with between 4 and 6 activites per lesson. All the activities you select will be there next time you visit, until you change them, so you can plan ahead with confidence. 

You can use each story for anything from a single lesson to a half term. And they’re perfect for extended topic work.

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How Do I Get Started In My Classroom