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Reluctant Reader IA 11+

Below are some of our favourite series for reluctant, and dyslexic readers.

Remember to check out other Interest Ages for other series that might be suitable for your readers.

Digital editions available in this series:

1100 0900 Wired Up.png      

Other series available:

1100 0900 Countries.png 1113 0607 Graphic Novels.png 1113 0911 Against The Odds.png 1113 0911 Celebration Days.png
1113 0911 Women In Conservation.png 1113 0911 Writing and Staging Plays.png 1114 0708 Ignite.png 1114 0708 Shakespeare Graphics.png
1114 0910 Famous Voices.png 1115 0911 Science Behind.png 1116 0911 Paranormal Handbook.png