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With the biggest collection of quality, levelled reading books, TreeTops encourages all children to read for pleasure.


This series of funny short stories, anthologies (poetry and jokes) and comics is perfect for encouraging children to read for pleasure, making it ideal for the National Curriculum.



Classic stories adapted by top authors for children to enjoy. Give your children the opportunity to read this collection of classic stories, which will enrich and extend their reading experience.

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This huge collection of quality levelled readers enables your juniors to explore and develop their own reading tastes.

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Graphic Novels:

Excite your junior readers with these highly visual, comic book style texts, especially the boys.

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Greatest Stories:

A timeless collection to capture our literary heritage. This rich series of key stories, handpicked by Michael Morpurgo, will enthral children and develop and extend their reading experience.

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Extend and deepen your juniors' non-fiction experiences.

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Myths and Legends:

Fabulous tales from around the world. Introduce your junior readers to the power of these stories through their deepest classic plots and compelling characters, in a collection of fabulous tales which have stood the test of time.

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Fascinating non-fiction books for juniors to explore. Children can access a wide range of interesting and thought provoking topics with this huge selection of non-fiction titles.









Ideal for drama, developing vital speaking and listening skills. These popular stories, turned into playscripts, are ideal for role-playing and hot-seating.








Time Chronicles:

Chapter books following Biff, Chip and Kipper on adventures through times. This collection of captivating stories is guaranteed to have your junior readers hooked as Biff, Chip and Kipper embark on a mission to save time from the evil Virans.

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