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Curriculum Vital


Stuck for reading ideas? Do you always end up reading the same things? The aim of a reading challenge is to get you choosing a wider variety of books, including those that you might not have thought about picking up before.

We've put together 26 different reading prompts to help inspire your readers over the whole school year. We'll bring you new publishing, old favourites and personal recommendations to get you discovering new genres and new authors. We encourage you to interpret these prompts however you want - the larger the number of different books reviewed, the more recommendations!

How can you get involved?

  • Sign up to our librarian email here to keep up to date on the latest feature.

  • Use #ReadYourAToZ to share your latest reads on Twitter, see what others are reading and share pictures of your displays and books.

  • Submit book reviews here to enter our competitions and share on the website.

  • Download our reading challenge printables to use in your library.

During the reading challenge we're going to run three competitions to win advanced and exclusive proof copies of books from some of our favourite publishers. To be entered into each draw all you have to do is send us a review for a book that was read as part of #ReadYourAToZ. We'll announce winners at the end of November, February and May. Send us your reviews between September and May and they'll count towards the next draw. The more readers your school has, the more chances to win! See some of our reviews HERE.

Take a look at our reading suggestions below:

adventure_s.png baddie_s.png colour_s.png

dystopian_s.png education_s.png fairytale_s.png

graphic_novel_s.png horror_s.png international_s.png

journal_s.png kings_queens_s.png laughter_s.png

magic_s.png numbers_s.png oldies_s.png

poetic_s.png questions_s.png romance_s.png

superheros_s.png tv_s.png underwater_s.png

vampire_s.png war_s_2.png xfiles_s.png

yummy_s.png zebra_s.png #.png