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This month’s reading tip

Your baby’s eyesight is now developing and lines and shapes are much clearer; books with simple pictures in bright colours will be appealing. 

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Do you think your little one would enjoy books like the ones in the videos? Here's a selection from our Baby bookshop:





Teddy 6 months.mp4

In this video, dad Al is reading a touchy feely book to 6 month old Teddy, and it completely melts our hearts to watch! Al shows us that it's never to early to make reading fun with noises and silly voices, Teddy obviously enjoys it!

As they go through the book together, Al give Teddy plenty of time to hit, touch and feel each page. At this age, interacting with books in any way is important for babies so it's important to choose sturdy books! Seeing Teddy's adorable smile is proof of how much fun it is to sit down and read with daddy.



Alex 6m Poppy 30m compressed.mp4


This is a great example of how to make reading fun for children of different ages. Alex’s older sister Poppy is almost 3 but can still enjoy the same books as Alex when mum Vicci talks about what’s on each page.

To keep Alex interested, Vicci guides his hands to the different textures.

Babies hitting books is totally normal at this age as they start to develop their motor skills.



Augustus and his smile.mp4


In this video, Jay is reading a storybook with mum Bella. It's lovely to see how calm Jay is, reading obviously helps him to relax and we're not surpised with Bella's lovely reading voice!

We love the way that Bella points to what she is talking about and gives Jay time to look at each page. It's great to talk to babies about what you are doing at this age, it will help with their language development skills. 

Find out more about Jay's reading journey in his reader profile.

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