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Routes to Reading was established in July 2013 when we asked 7 families to join us and document their reading journeys on film. The families began by asking us a simple question: "How do we prepare our children to learn to read?" We provided them with hand-picked books, reading tips and guidance in order to help them to answer that question. Within this video library, you will find the reading experiences of our founding 7 families alongside those of many others who have since joined us.

Each video in the library stands alone in providing great examples of the joys (and challenges) of reading with babies and toddlers who are inquisitive, on the move and often easily distracted! As a collection of videos though, this library offers something incredibly special. Throughout the months, you will see the reading journeys of babies as they grow into toddlers and eventually, you will see them start to tell the stories to their parents. It is the hope of the Routes to Reading team that by providing you with access to this library, you will be inspired, enthused, moved and feel ready to prepare your own child to learn to read. Click on the video below to watch Luke's journey so far!

Routes to Reading - Luke v4.mp4


Ruth Wadsworth, founding parent:  

“I can assure you, on behalf of the founding group of parents, that Routes to Reading has helped us have the courage and confidence to help develop our children's reading preparation in the right way. In joining R2R you can do the same. The memories we now have, captured on film, of our babies becoming toddlers who love books and love to read are priceless and an unexpected bonus of being part of Routes to Reading. You will hear yourself saying, on more than one occasion, "my baby just isn't paying attention to the book", but one day in your journey you will suddenly realise that your ‘baby’ is now ready to read.“

Alison David, author of ‘Help Your Child Love Reading’ on the benefits of regular reading:

"Start reading to your child as soon as you can and set up a reading routine. It’s one of the most important things you will ever do!  It’s clear that reading is the foundation for education and learning, but more than that it will provide your child with comfort, reassurance, happiness, fun, relaxation, teach empathy and fuel their imagination.  And reading together will become a powerful bond, bringing your child and you pure joy and a shared interest which will last a lifetime."

Early Years expert Helen Butcher's advice to first-time parents embarking on their reading journey:

Q 13.mp4