National Share A Story Month

May is National Share A Story Month and this year the theme is dragons. Take a look at some of our favourite story books to share and, our top dragon picks.

National Share A Story Month


Little Bo Peep.png

We all love to share a story with children, and this month we're focusing on great collections that children can grow up with. Nursery rhymes are perfect for sharing, and give you lots of opportunities to incorporate actions into your reading. This editions includes a sing-along CD, whether you use it at home or in the car the addition of the audio will help your children learn the rhymes to these 22 family favourites.


All the rhymes in this large format board book have bold illustrations to make the pages look like stitched felt, and have embossed stitich marks to help the pages to be more tactile for your young ones.


Here are some other top shareable books for you and your children:

This year's theme for National Share A Story Month is dragons, a great story is never complete without a fire-breathing friend.


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