Making peas as edible as books

Following on from our focus on fine motor skills, we now move onto one of our favourite senses; taste. For babies, we explore the universal tendency for books to go in their mouths and for toddlers, we explore how books can help to create easier, happier mealtimes. 

What to do with a child who has an appetite for books

edible 1


We're sure this picture will seem familiar to you. 'Eating' a book usually starts around the same time as your baby starts teething and ANYTHING in reach makes it's way into your baby's mouth, NOTHING is safe! You will often remove these things from your baby's mouth only for them to find something else to help ease the pain of teething. But this might not just be teething, it is also your baby's way of exploring the world as they haven't yet learnt that the tastebuds are exclusively for food. In time, we all learn that chocolate is much nicer than cardboard and so will your little one.

Instead of denying them the opportunity of being an explorer, why not choose board books that won't instantly disintergrate as soon as they become a little chewed? We've chosen a few that are tasty AND enjoyable to read:  






Easier mealtimes courtesy of children's books

Can you think of the last time you went to a restaurant and you were faced with the prospect of eating something totally new? Were you a little apprehensive, perhaps a little reluctant to try it? So is your toddler. Discussing food and mealtimes with your toddler can help them to relax as they begin to understand that the little children in their books had the same worries. Why not try one of these books to help your toddler's food anxiety?