Keeping Books in Reach

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So you’ve decided to make reading a part of your child’s daily routine. You’ve been to the baby bookshop and found the perfect books for your little one. But where should you put them? We think we've found the perfect solution from Tidy Books.

Your natural instinct might be to put them in the logical place, your bookshelf. However, this presents two problems:

1. Your child can’t reach the books on their own.
2. Those wonderful front covers created to attract little ones to books are hidden. All you can see is a row of colourful spines.

One of the best ways to get a baby or toddlers to become familiar with books and see them as part of playtime is to keep them as accessible as toys. This means keeping books in places that are easy for your little one to see them and pick them up by themselves. And we think we’ve found the perfect solution for every home. Tidy Books.

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Designed by a mum for her own little one’s books, Tidy Books bookshelves are the right size for little ones and display the front covers of books. For little ones who are still crawling, the Tidy Books box is a perfect way to keep books accessible and in their line of sight. With storage for books on box sides of the box, there’s plenty of space for books. The size means that the box is small enough for most living rooms, it even comes with a carry handle for portability! This box is the best way to keep books in the line of sight for a baby who is keen to crawl around and explore.


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For toddlers who can walk around, there’s the full size bookshelf. Tidy Books bookshelves are the original forward facing bookshelves and will give your toddler the feeling of having a ‘grown up’ bookshelf. The design of the bookshelf has both your little one and your home in mind, you can get shelves in natural wood, white, pink or blue. You can also choose to have a wooden alphabet of your child’s name added to the front of the shelves, great for teaching little ones to recognise their names!

But these shelves are not just exciting because they look great and make books look great, they’ll also help your child to love reading. When babies and toddlers have quick and easy access to books, they will see books as everyday objects there to be discovered and enjoyed. Just like toys are often safe, mini versions of everyday items, books offer children with images and stories about the familiar and the new. Children with easy access to books are also more likely to choose them for shared playtime and ask adults to read to them. This shared reading experience will help children to enjoy reading as they begin to associate books with having cosy reading time with parents and other carers. Shared reading time is also educational as it allows you to share more knowledge with your little one and introduce them to more of the world around them.

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