Book of the Month: March - That's Not My Owl



The 44th instalment of Usborne's popular ‘That’s Not My…’ series has just been published and this time, little ones can enjoy finding their owl! Since the very first title in the series 'That's Not My Puppy' was published, this range has been enjoyed over and over again by babies and toddlers. In this article, we take a look at why this series is so popular and we give you a chance to win a copy of ‘That’s Not My Owl’.


Why are the ‘That’s Not My…’ books so popular?

  • Touch and feel – every book in the series has a range of touch and feel patches, which are fantastic for helping to develop a child’s motor skills and sense of touch. Each page also contains vocabulary around textures, helping to build and broaden the vocabulary your baby is exposed to.
  • Rhythm and repetition – Every page starts with ‘That’s not my…’ except the final page, which starts with ‘That’s my…’ This repetition is fantastic as it allows you to build up rhythm as you read the book, which we know is key in language learning. The repetition also means that older children know what to expect of the text and can join in with reading the book, either starting or completing sentences!
  • A perfectly sized board book – The books all come in one, easy-to-hold, transportable size and are all made of a sturdy board material. This means that the books can be read independently by little ones and can withstand the usual chewing, throwing, bending, grabbing and squishing baby books are often subjected to!
  • Simple yet interesting high contrast images – In the first year of life, eyesight is still developing and babies tend to only be able to focus one an image at a time.  The images in ‘That’s Not My…’ books are simple but still interesting enough for some discussion. The illustrations are often highly contrasted against plain, coloured backgrounds, making them even more visually stimulating for your little one.
  • Find the mouse! – On every page of every book in the ‘That’s Not My…’ range, there’s a mouse to be found. This makes the book interesting for toddlers, who like to interact with books and take part in reading.
  • The front cover is part of the book! – When reading at school, children are asked to take some time to look at the front cover of a book as part of comprehension. Whilst you don’t need to be quite so academic when reading to a baby, taking time to look at the front cover is a good habit to develop from a young age.

If your little one enjoys reading books in the ‘That’s Not My…’ range, why not try this colouring sheet over on the Usborne website?

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See our families reading books from the 'That's Not My...' series

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