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The Baby Book Club

We are not taking on any new subscriptions at this time but if you have any questions about the Baby book club, please get in touch with us via Thank you


Every month, members of the baby book club receive:

  • Two recently published, high quality books, specially selected and just right for your child from birth to 36 months.

  • A package, containing the expertly chosen books, addressed to your child.

  • Reading tips and guidance by email, written specifically to help parents get the most out of reading during that month of the child's development.


Why parents love the baby book club

“We received baby book club subscriptions for both of our daughters, Jemima is 2 years old & Suki is 3 months – the books were perfect for both ages. The jungle pop-up book we received is Jemima's favourite, while Suki loves her buggy book- Jemima helps her read it! Routes to Reading provided carefully selected books for each of them and it was equally as exciting for us to read them to the girls. A real treat for all the family.”

Faye Dicker, Bristol


Give the gift of reading today

We offer the choice of a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month long subscription. You will receive 2 books for every month of your subscription, so by the end of a 3-month subscription your child will have 6 books or, if you take out a 12-month subscription, they'll have 24 books for their own little library! Choose from one of the options below.


Here's an example of what you'll receive:

These are examples of what we would send a one month old baby, a 15 month old baby and a 33 month old toddler. Click here to see an example of the guidance document parents receive directly to their inboxes.

1 month

15 months

33 months

1 month.png


15 months both.jpg


33 months both.jpg


At one month, we send books such as the 'Hello Baby' cloth book and 'Black and White' board book. High contrast images are well-suited to a one month old's developing eyesight.

At 15 months, we like to send books that have simple storylines such as 'Little Parrot', and interactive elements like the pop-ups in 'Things That Go!' Both also aid vocabulary development.

At 33 months, we choose books that will help to develop a child's language and understanding of key concepts like 'Play and Learn ABC' alongside longer, more interesting stories such as 'Stanley's Stick'.

Please note that we like to keep the book club as up to date as possible with the best new books and sometimes we may choose to add a great new book to the club at the last minute. For this reason, these books are only given as examples and may not be what you receive.

All of our books are reviewed and chosen by experts

reading with children.jpg

We work very closely with a group of experts to help select the books that go into the baby book club. Our experts have years of experience of working in the education sector but also of being parents and grandparents which we think is just as important when choosing the best children’s books for the right age!  


Elaine is a mum of four and grandmother of one who has worked in both primary and secondary schools for over thirty years. Now retired, Elaine still spends time working as a teaching assistant in her local primary school, supporting those children who need a little extra help. Elaine is passionate about reading and language and is also an accomplished artist!


Glennys is mother of three and grandmother of four (soon to be five)! She spent twenty-five years teaching in secondary and primary schools, with responsibility for the teaching of English and curriculum development. She was committed to fostering a love of reading and language, making sure that poetry and drama played their part. Now retired, she enjoys sharing books with her grandchildren.


Sue is a mum of two and a grandmother of two. She has spent the last thirty years teaching in a variety of schools, including being the headteacher of a rural primary school and an urban primary school. Sue also spent time as the head of a children’s centre and whilst there, she developed a strong interest and knowledge of early years’ language development and the importance of encouraging talk for reading. 


Our experts consider the following when choosing books:



Choose from one of the options below.



Joining the club - FAQ

Find out more about joining the baby book club, ordering more than one subscription, baby book club titles and the benefits of being a member of the club.

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