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Pearson History

Below are the key series by Pearson for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level History. Click on the images to view the latest resources.

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Pearson History KS3 History In Progress.png

History In Progress: Vibrant, relevant and clearly differentiated, History In Progress provides all the motivation your pupils need to develop key skills and succeed in History at Key Stage 3.

Pearson History KS3 Headstart In History.png Headstart In History: Written with a highly narrative content specifically aimed at high-fliers 11-14, Headstart In History is ideal for gifted and talented students - and for Common Entrance.
Pearson History KS3 Think History!.png Think History: Think History seamlessly integrates Pupil Books with Interactive Presentations and Teaching and Learning Files to support the Key Stage 3 Strategy and help you get the best from your pupils.
Pearson History KS3 Think Through History.png Think Through History: An exciting enquiry-based approach bult around key historical issues and characters.
Pearson History KS3 Living Through History.png Living Through History: Differentiated resources that help you win the battle for History.
Pearson History KS3 Heinemann History Study Units.png Heinemann History Study Units: This series gives you flexibility to build the course that you want to teach.
Pearson History KS3 Heinemann History Scheme.png Heinemann History Scheme: Takes an imaginitive approach to History, developing your students' thinking skills as they explore the subject.


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Pearson History GCSE Edexcel (9-1) History.png Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History: These new resources (including 16 student books, one for every option) are designed to help develop confident, articulate and successful historians.


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Pearson History A Level Edexcel History.png Edexcel A Level History: Complete coverage of the new Edexcel AS and A Level qualifications. All Paper 1 and 2 titles are now endorsed for Edexcel.