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Pearson Childcare & Early Years

Below are the key series by Pearson for BTEC and Diplomas in Childcare and Early Years. Click on the images to view the latest resources.

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Pearson First In Children's Play Learning and Development 13.png BTEC First in Children's Play, Learning and Development (2013): This student book covers all the core, mandatory and optional units for the Award and Certificate, and all the core and mandatory units for the Extended Certificate.
Pearson Nationals In Children's Play Learning and Development 16.png BTEC Nationals in CPLD: Complete resource for the new BTEC Nationals, designed to support teachers and students at every stage of the teaching and learning process.
Pearson Nationals In Children's Play Learning and Development EYE 14.png BTEC National CPLD (Early Years Educator from 2014): Student books covering all core and a wide selection of optional specialist units, providing coverage for all qualifications.


Pearson Diploma NVQ SVQ.png

Pearson Diploma Childrecare Early Learning and Children's Work-Based Learning.png Diploma for Childcare, Early Learning and Children's Workforce: Resources to provide complete coverage.