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Accelerated Reader


logo_ar.pngAccelerated Reader is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice. With AR, teachers can create a reading programme to meet the needs of every student.

Browse for books in Lower, Middle, Middle Plus and Upper years below by book level. You'll find a variety of popular titles that would make a fantastic addition to your school library and AR scheme.

If you're short of specific book levels, contact our customer services team, who can make you a bespoke list to match your requirements. We can also supply any books to you shelf ready with a wide variety of library processing.

Find out which books came out top in the Renaissance Learning report, What Kids Are Reading.





0.1-0-l.png 1.0-1-m.png 1.0-1.png 1.0-1-u.png
1.0-1-l.png 2.0-2-m.png 2.0-2.png 2.0-2-u.png
2.0-2-l.png 3.0-3-m.png 3.0-3.png 3.0-3-u.png
3.0-3-l.png 4.0-4-m.png 4.0-4.png 4.0-4-u.png
4.0-4-l.png 5.0-5-m.png 5.0-5.png 5.0-5-u.png
5+-l.png 6.0-6-m.png 6.0-6.png 6.0-6-u.png
7+-m.png 7__mp.png 7.0-8-u.png