Combining offline with online learning - multimedia resources for Teachers and Tutors

Blended Learning for KS3, GCSE, IGCSE, A-level, IB, BTEC and Scottish Highers

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Kerboodle provides brand new digital resources designed to perfectly compliment the curriculum you are teaching. Covering a number of essential subjects, these one-year school subscriptions cover a range of informative content to make your job easier and your students more engaged. Kerboodle functions as a teaching tool, lesson planner, homework resource and more...

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Key Features of Kerboodle

• Expertly designed blended learning
Bespoke teaching software and corresponding physical books

• Online assessment tasks and tests
A fun and easy way to track your students' learning progress

• Homework given and submitted digitally
Gathering and marking students' work made simpler than ever

• Customisable content
Bespoke teaching software and corresponding physical books

• Accessible from anywhere
No downloads means access is available from any computer



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