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Kerboodle FAQs


Browse the below questions and the sections they link to to get a fuller understanding of how Kerboodle operates:

  • Can I buy Kerboodle on behalf of another teacher?
    • Absolutely. Kerboodle has been designed so the main administrator is nominated by the person who initially purchases the product. You could nominate your school's data manager or another teacher. After the administrator has done the initial setup, other teachers can then use it to plan and deliver lessons.
    • See the Quick Setup Guide for more information >>


  • How do I insert student and teacher data into the system?



  • Is Kerboodle an eBook?
    • Kerboodle is far more than that - it's a complete, interactive teaching, learning and assessment product built for popular courses. Kerboodle courses are always part of well-known series from Oxford University Press, and as such can be used alongside physical books and other resources. HOWEVER, Kerboodle does normally come with access to a digital version of the course book for the teacher and student to use.
    • Learn more about the Kerboodle digital book >>