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Help | Education Umbrella

New Customers

"I'm a new customer, how can I start purchasing with Education Umbrella?"It's really quick and simple. If you're ordering for your school just register online and enter your school address details. When you place your order we'll link it up with your school's account.

Finding Products

"How do I find a product?"There are a couple of ways to find a product on our site:
  • Use the search bar to search for ISBNs, titles and authors.
  • Use the product finder on the homepage to select products by their subject, exam board, level, etc.
  • Use one of our curated book lists or pages to find the most popular subject textbooks or latest library publishing.

"I can't find the product I want..."Our site is populated with the latest publishing and all the items that teachers are ordering. If you can't find your product it might be for one of the following reasons:
  • Something in the search terms might be incorrect. Double check you ISBN and spelling, just in case!
  • The book might be out of print. Try searching for the title and author/publisher to see if there's a new edition.
  • The product might only be available direct from the publisher. This could happen if it's ebook that isn't part of our TECbook range.
  • It might not yet be published. We try and get products on for you to browse as soon as we can. If you can't find them by ISBN they might not have been finalised with the publisher.
Don't worry though. Just drop us a line via the online chat, or give the customer team a ring, and one of our knowledgable members of staff will give you a hand.

"How do I find the availibility of a product?"We always try to keep the textbooks and set texts that you want in stock for when you need them the most. You'll see products all over our site with Next Day Delivery markers on them... that's our little blue van... this means that we've got stock and can deliver your school order next day when you order before 2.30pm.

If you don't see our next day flag, don't worry. They won't show after 2.30pm during the week, but you can get in touch with the customer team and they'll happily check the stock for you.

"What is the price I'll pay?"What you see is what you get. The discount that is listed when you place your order will be applied to your school's invoice, as will any processing requirements you add in the basket, or have applied as pre-arranged with the customer team. Prices are subject to change by the publishers, but we regularly get updates to assure they're correct.


"What are Wishlists?"It's like window shopping. If you can't place your order straight away you can add all your items to a Wishlist to save for later. Top Tip: You can now add items to your basket when you're signed in and they'll save there too!

"How do I amend a Wishlist?"To add an item all you have to do it click the "add to wishlist" icon on the product and you'll be able to choose to add it to a new list or an existing one. To access Wishlists that you've already created click the arrows on the Wishlist bar at the bottom of the screen and it will open, showing you your saved lists. To remove items go to the Wishlist you want to amend in the left-hand menu and click the "remove" button next to the cover image of the product.

Placing An Order

"How do I place an order?"That's another easy one. Add the items you want to your basket, and then checkout! (Remember to check your quantities!) You can even put your purchase order numbers in so that they appear on your invoices. If for some reason you're unable to send your order online you can send it directly to our customer team:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 01242 604 408
  • Fax: 01242 604 410

Loyalty Scheme

"Do you have a school loyalty scheme?"We do, and your school might already be signed up! Our eureka scheme collects points from all your eligible invoices and you'll receive rebates throughout the school year. Go over to our eureka page to find out more details.

"How does eureka work when I'm not part of a school?"Now all individuals are able to donate points from their purchases. When you checkout you'll be able to search for a school and they'll receive your points on their next rebate.


"How much do deliveries cost?"All orders for schools in the UK are delivered FREE of charge. Private orders are dispatched within the UK at a cost of £2.35 (inc VAT), and will be shown at checkout. International delivery charges are different for each country, check out our International page for more details for ordering.

"How quickly will I get my order?"Eligible orders for items marked as Next Day will be dispatched on the same day and arrive at your school the next day. Other items will usually be delivered within 10-12 days, but we'll let you know a date when they're expected.

"My school is going to be closed for the half-term/summer break, can I defer the delivery until we're back?"We're able to hold deliveries for your school during a set period of time. Just let the customer team know the last date you can receive a delivery before the break, and then the first date afterwards, and we'll get it set up on your account.

Changing Or Returning An Order

"How can I make changes to my order?"If you need to make any changes to your order please get in touch with the customer team who'll try to sort out any requests you have.

"I need to return an order, what do I do?"Returns will depend on the type of item and reason for the return. Get in touch with the customer team with the details of your order and they will be able to discuss it further with you.


"How do I pay for my order?"Non-school orders must be paid for online using a credit or debit card. School orders can be paid for by credit or debit card, or on account. Your school bursar/finance officer will receive a statement each month with all outstanding invoices listed and they can make payment in the usual way.


"I can't see my digital product in The Education Cloud, where is it?"If you've purchased a TECbook, TECvideo, Audio Lesson, Storyteller video, or one of our free resources, these should appear in The Education Cloud immediately on purchase and you'll be able to view it under the relevant resource option when you're logged in. If you've purchased one of these items and it doesn't appear please get in touch with the customer team and we'll investigate the issue.

If you've purchased a third-party digital item (like Kerboodle or Dynamic Learning) your item will be hosted by the publisher of the specific product. You'll receive an email from them with information about how to access and log in to your product on their website.

"I can't access my Digital Inspection Book anymore..."Digital Inspection Books are loaned to you for a period of time specified by the publisher so that you can decide whether it is suitable for use in your classroom. This will vary from 7 to 21 days. Each time you access the items you'll be able to see how much time you have left to view it. After this time has elapsed your access (and that of anyone you have lent it to) will be revoked.

"I have a technical problem with my digital product..."For all technical problems relating to Education Umbrella products (TECbook, TECvideo, Audio Lessons, Storyteller and Lesson Plans) please contact the customer team. Top Tip: We might need some extra information from you to solve the problem, it's helpful to know what internet browser you're using while trying to access the product, what device (a laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) and what operating system (e.g. iOS, Windows 7, Windows 10, etc.).

For third-party products you will need to contact them directly through the help function on their platform or using details supplied to you when you received your log in when you placed the order.