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By now you'll know about our Big Price Lock-in, the promotion which brings you market-leading prices on new and forthcoming textbooks. But did you know that now you can try some of these great titles before you buy them?

Below are 10 of our favourite Big Price Lock-in titles from Oxford University Press, and as an added bonus you can now get these titles as Digital Inspection Books (DIBS for short)! What are Digital Inspection Books?

Not only can you get them at our great prices, but now you can try before you buy too!

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English: AQA GCSE English Language - WJEC English Language

Geography: GCSE Geography AQA

History: AQA A Level Wars and Welfare - AQA GCSE 1890-1945

Physical Education: AQA GCSE PE - Edexcel GCSE PE

Psychology: Complete Companions A Level

Religious Studies: GCSE RS for AQA A Christianity

AQA GCSE English Language: Targeting Grades 6-9 Revision Workbook

This workbook, and its companion (AQA GCSE English Language: Targteting Grade 5: Revision Workbook) go alongside Oxford University Press' popular AQA GCSE English series.

With this particular edition you'll be able to help students work towards achieving grades 6 to 9 in the latest GCSE (9-1) English exams.

You will be able to take them through individual exam questions and provide them with extensive practice opportunities, assessments and sample answers. As well as this you'll be able to prepare them with revision tips and sample exam papers.

This book:

  • Fully prepared to match the AQA GCSE (9-1) English Language specification
  • Build student success in grades 6-9
  • Enables students to take control of their revision
  • Full colour to engage and motivate
  • Written by experienced and trusted author, Peter Ellison


AQA GCSE Physical Education: Student Book

Fully updated for the 2016 GCSE (9-1) Physical Education specification in this new third edition.

Best-selling author, Kirk Bizley, has updated this Oxford University Press favourite to match all the latest changes to the GCSE curriculum.

Clear photographs and illustrations will help students understand all the technical requirements within the exam.

This book:

  • Spread-based design to help students understand the theory across all levels
  • A wide range of sports are used to contextualise theory
  • Contains activities to fully engage students in doing and discussion
  • Features exam-style question to help prepare students
  • Complemented by an extensive range of additional resources for teachers including Kerboodle and workbook/worksheet resources


AQA History for A Level: Wars and Welfare: Britain in Transition 1906-1957

Another fully updated edition for the latest AQA specification.

Sticking with the popular features this book is matched to the new specification and covers material suitable for A Level and AS Component 2 in one volume.

There is strong focus on history skills and exam practice, while the specially selected content is designed to help students study their selected period in depth focusing on key events, ideas and developments.

This book:

  • Series editor Sally Waller
  • Including the popular timeline and a closer look features
  • Advice and practice questions are featured to aid students in essay writing and historical interpretations
  • Activities help students develop their skills through discussion and research in a group as well as individually

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AQA History for GCSE: Germany 1890-1945: Democracy and Dictatorship

This textbook in the Oxford AQA GCSE History series has been specifically written for the ne AQA GCSE (9-1) History specification. Developed by an experienced head of history and an author with senior examining experience.

This book:

  • Accessible narrative with assessment support and skills practice
  • Help students prepare for the new assessment with practice questions and study tips
  • Includes How to pages to give students easy explanations of how to use essential history skills
  • Students can further develop understanding of historical concepts with extension challenges
  • Additional resources available including a teacher's handbook to cover all 16 options and Kerboodle

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Complete Companions: A Level Year 1 and AS Psychology: The Revision and Exam Companion for AQA & AQA Psychology A Level: Year 2 Student Book

These perennial favourites were updated for the latest AQA Psychology A Level specifications. Written by the leading psychology authors Mike Cardwell and Cara Flanagan.

This series:

  • Precisely aligned content for the AQA Psychology specification that began being taught in September 2015
  • Integrate content from existing materials and the new content to aid in transition
  • All products clearly mark the specific materials for AO1, AO2 and AO3
  • Built-in features to enhance student's understanding of exam requirements

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Edexcel GCSE Physical Education: Student Books

Brand new student textbook to match the latest Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Physical Education specification. Written by a team of experienced and practicing teachers.

Content is presented to give students of every level what they need to achieve their potential.

This book:

  • Endorsed by Edexcel for the new 2016 GCSE Physical Education specification
  • Spread-based design to help students at all levels
  • Concise while still holding enough information to achieve the highest grades
  • A wide range of sports are used to contextualise theory within the books
  • Contains activities so that students and engage in discussion
  • Exam-style questions included to prepare students for the enew exams


GCSE Geography AQA Student Book

With the latest GCSE (9-1) Geography specifications being taught from September 2016, Oxford University Press have brought out a wonderfully accessible resource.

This textbook is engaging and student-friendly - the perfect addition to your new Geography classroom.

This book:

  • Approved by AQA
  • Enhance learning for all ability students with concise text and motivating activities
  • Real world examples and case studies
  • Includes practice questions and tasks to help students
  • Chapters specifically aimed to help students develop their skills in fieldwork and issue evaluation
  • Engaging page layout including photos, maps and diagrams


GCSE Religious Studies for AQA A: Christianity

Part for Oxford's GCSE Religious Studies for AQA series, edited by Cynthia Bartlett.

This particular volume covers Christianity for the latest GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies, also in the series are textbooks covering Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism.

This book:

  • Written by the same team who created the previous bestselling series for AQA
  • Content is covered in depth offering students greater accessibility
  • Topic summaries to help students understand what they need to know from each section
  • Comprehensive glossary
  • Real-life prespective, shows Christianity as it it currently practiced, and ethical issues
  • Activities and study tips for developing knowledge and understanding in and out of the classroom
  • Assessment guidance to help with the new requirements

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WJEC GCSE English Language: For Wales

This textbook is endorsed for the latest WJEC specification.

Focuses on the AOs in a thematic approach.

This book:

  • Specifically matched to the WJEC specification for English Language
  • Engaging texts with activities and tips to help students reach their potential
  • Regular assessment opportunities within the text
  • Sample exam papers and revision ideas
  • Written by an experienced author team

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What are Digital Inspection Books?

DIBs are our latest addition to the website. You can instantly gain access to a growing number of textbooks instantly as Digital Inspection Books. There's no need to wait for a printed copy to be delivered in the post, no need to worry about being charged for a book you don't want, or about putting it down and losing it!

When you find a product that has a "Request Digital Inspection Book" button on it, all you have to do is click and log in to your Education Umbrella online account.

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You'll be able to access the book instantly from an on-site pop up, and access it later via an email sent directly to your registered email address.

Each publisher sets a length of time you can browse a DIB for (you can view OUP books for up to 7 days from when you request them). Don't worry, you'll be reminded how much time you have left each time you access the book online.

We've even made it so that your colleagues can access your DIBs for the duration of your inspection, just forward the confirmation email on to them and they'll get instant access!