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Eureka, the Education Umbrella loyalty scheme, brings school communities together to increase their buying power.

Every pound you spend with Education Umbrella will earn you one eureka point.

Finance officers/burars,
Heads of departments,
Librarians and teachers.


Parents, students,
Grandparents and other
members of the community.


How it works

What can you spend your eureka rebate on?

Schools can spend their eureka rebate on any product.

That includes anything on the Education Umbrella website, from physical books to digital products.

How much can my school earn?

Every pound spent earns you at least one eureka point.

Adding up your entire school and community spend, that's a lot of points.

Look out for double and triple eureka points on certain products!

How do I get my community involved?

It's easy - for every pound they spend online with us, we will donate a eureka point to their chosen school.

After checkout, every community purchaser will be asked to nominate a school to receive their points.

Download our info pack to send to your potential community purchasers.

How do I use my eureka rebate?

You'll receive your points in the form of a termly rebate in the form of a credit to your account.

Just let us know which orders/invoice you want to use your rebate credit on.

We'll do the rest!