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Subject Solutions: English


The resources below have been picked specifically for you, we've looked at all the top educational publishers and what teachers are using in classrooms across the UK to make sure we can deliver your complete Subject Solution.

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Looking for GCSE English Literature set texts? Visit our dedicated page for all your key titles >>

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Looking for A Level English Literature set texts? Visit our dedicated page for all your key titles >>



Looking for English Literature set texts?

Visit our dedicated pages for all your key titles: GCSE Set Texts - A Level Set Texts

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Audio Lessons

With nearly 200 individual English audio lessons on our site you'll be able to target the exact area of major texts and topics on the curriculum. Pick what you need for 99p per lesson or purchase the whole bundle for £10.99. Get a preview of each track from the product page, and you'll even find some of these amazing lessons are available for FREE!

All of these products are available instantly online after purchase. Just log in to your account and go to The Education Cloud to access them.

Education Umbrella Press

These TECbook editions of popular classroom texts come with complete notes to create the perfect resource for teaching, home learning and tutoring.

Clearly formating and design makes them perfect for all types of learners.

Lesson Plans & Text Guides

Below are a selection of our personally written text guides and lesson plans to help you in your lessons, and your students while they revise.