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Online learning from Hodder dual resources for Teachers and Tutors
A complete digital solution for KS3, GCSE, A-level, and Scottish Highers


Compute-IT for KS3.png

Compute-IT KS3

Create innovative lessons to deliver the new computing curriculum at key stage 3.

ICT InteraCT for KS3.png

ICT InteraCT

Enhance your teaching of ICT at key stage 3 with creative lessons, clear learning objectives and assessment guidance.

AQA GCSE Computer Science.png

AQA GCSE Computer Science

Create innovative lessons to deliver computer science at GCSE.

Edexcel GCSE Computer Science.png

Edexcel GCSE Computer Science

Create stimulating classroom presentations and outstanding lessons with interactive tasks to monitor student progress.

OCR GCSE Computing.png

OCR Computing for GCSE

Improve your students' skills and understanding with Dynamic Learning.

OCR Information & Communication Technology GCSE.png


Deliver engaging and informative lessons that inspire and motivate your students with Dynamic Learning.



Resource-rich lessons to deliver WJEC ICT for GCSE.

OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT.png

OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT

Written by experienced teachers, OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT offer quidance and crucial support for you and your students.

Cambridge IGCSE ICT & Computer Science.png

Cambridge IGCSE ICT & Computer Science

Develop your students computational thinking and programming skills with complete coverage of the latest syllabus from experienced examiners and teachers.

IGCSE Information & Communication Technology.png

IGCSE Information & Communication Technology

Resource-rich lessons to deliver information and communication technology for IGCSE.

OCR Cambridge Technical IT.png

OCR Cambridge Technical IT

Structured support for teaching and learning Cambridge Technical IT.

AQA A Level Computer Science.png

AQA A Level Computer Science

Create and deliver exciting lessons for the new AQA A Level computer science specidications, an ensure successful progress for all your students.

AQA Information & Communication Technology for A Level.png

AQA ICT for A Level

Create innovative lessons to deliver ICT at A Level.

OCR Computer Science for A Level.png

OCR Computer Science for A Level

Combine the whiteboard eTextbook with lessons and interactive assessment from the Teaching and Learning resource to help each student progress successfully through A Level computer science.

OCR ICT for A Level.png


Comprehensive resources to fully support your students throughout the course.

WJEC ICT for A Level.png

WJEC ICT for A Level

Comprehensive resources to fully support your students and help them engage with course content through case studies and activities.

Pathways to Excellence Computing & ICT.png

Pathways to Excellence: Computing & ICT

Provide a springboard for learning and for innovative delivery of Curriculum for Excellence.