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Digital Classroom Resources

Across our site you'll find a range of digital products both from Education Umbrella and from other publishers. Not sure what you're looking for? Use our guide below to find out how to choose and use our own products, or select a product image to find out more details!


Education Umbrella's online digital resources at a glance

There are three ways to get access digitally... Digital Inspection Books (DIBs), TEC Demo, or as a full TECbook.

What are the differences?

  DIBs Demo TECbook
Full text of the product? Green tick.png Red cross.png Green tick.png
All TECbook features? Red cross.png Green tick.png Green tick.png
Instantly available on request/purchase? Green tick.png Green tick.png Green tick.png

What are the benefits?

Digital Inspections Books

If you're looking to get physical copies of a book, DIBs are the easiest way to see if they're the right resource for you. You can instantly access it through any eligible book's full details and get access to the whole text for at least 7 days. You don't have to worry about being charged for your inspection copy, or having to return it to the publisher, and you can share it with other teachers in your school!

TEC TECbook.png

Basic interface for TEC Demo and TECbooks

TEC Demo

The demo option is listed under the image in search results, or in the TECbook option in full details. To get a quick overview of a product, select this option to sample the selected resource, as well as the features of a full TECbook. You'll be able to test out all of these great features, including: notebooks, flashcards and dyslexic overlays.


Subscriptions are available for between 1 and 5 years, depending on publisher. After purchase they can be accessed instantly in The Education Cloud, our online resource centre, and subscriptions start when you first activate a product. This means you can purchase them ahead of time, and activate them when term starts.

Our TECbook range now includes products from: PG Online, Hodder Education, Bloomsbury, Wordsworth and Oxford University Press, amongst other.