Curriculum Vital

    Is it hot in here or is it just the globe? 
    The new Key Stage 3 geography programme of study

    The consternation over some of the changes to English and maths was nothing compared to the furore that greeted the proposed alterations to the geography programme of study. Specifically, to the horror of many the draft proposal made no mention - indeed, seemed to be at pains to avoid mentioning - the theory of anthropogenic warming, popularly known simply as 'climate change' or 'global warming'. Following loud and lengthy criticism, Michael Gove and his department began relenting, though only at (ahem) glacial pace. Eventually they hit upon a programme of study and a wording that appears to have satisfied neither them nor those who care about climate change. For the latter, the words 'climate' and 'change' do appear, though only in the following tantalising sentence:

    Pupils should be taught to understand how human and physical processes interact to influence, and change landscapes, environments and the climate; and how human activity relies on effective functioning of natural systems.

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