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The Big Draw contest - which book or play is this drawing inspired by?

The Big Draw is a festival and celebration of drawing during the whole of October. It's a fun time for aspiring artists and curious scribblers to share their love of drawing and art, so we encourage you to learn more about it on their official website.

We're getting inolved this week by giving you an opportunity to win any TECbook of your choice on a 3-year subscription from Monday to Friday (19th-23rd). By the end of today (23rd), all you have to do is correctly guess the book or play this drawing is inspired by...


Created by Education Umbrella's graphic design champion Gemma!

If you know the answer, tweet @EDUumbrella with the hashtag '#thebigdraw' and we'll pick a random user with the correct answer as the winner. (The winner will be contacted with instructions on how to redeem their TECbook of choice via DM on Twitter.)

Tomorrow, we will feature another drawing from a different book or play - so come back and try again if you don't win today's contest! Good luck!

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