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    Year 5 Earth and Space: The Solar System

    space station

    The new KS2 science curriculum requires pupils to learn some astrophysics in Year 5. As they are taught about our place in the universe, pupils gain a thrilling sense of perspective. In this lesson, pupils learn about how, through changing models of the solar system, humans realised that Earth was not the centre of the universe. Pupils learn about the Sun, planets and moons and how these bodies move in the solar system. This lesson may be followed by Earth and Space: Day and night.

    Traditionally pupils are taught to memorise the names of the planets and to recognise some constellations but it is more valuable to gain an understanding of how the solar system works.

    Pupils will learn:

    • How our model of the solar system has evolved
    • How the bodies in the solar system move relative to each other
    • That the Sun, planets and most moons are spherical

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