Curriculum Vital

    Year 2 Animals, including humans: Birth and growth

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    Baby elephant.jpg

    While the new primary science curriculum has taken some focus off the study of animals (with topics such as 'Caring for animals' being removed), pupils are expected to learn in more detail about biological processes, including growing. In this lesson, pupils learn about how animals are born or hatch and how they change as they grow older. Pupils may make a game to establish their understanding of animals and their offspring and may study frogspawn or caterpillars as they metamorphose. This lesson may be followed by Animals, including humans: Human needs.

    Pupils will learn:

    • That animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults.

    A valuable addition to this lesson would be a trip to a local farm during spring where pupils have the opportunity to see lambs and chicks. Alternatively, there are many hatcheries which welcome visitors or livestream their chicks hatching online.

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