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English Literature: AS & A Level


In 2015 the AS & A level specification changed to include more in depth study of texts.

AS and A level specifications in English literature must encourage students to develop their interests in and enjoyment of literature and literary studies...


Students will be able to show their knowledge and understanding through a range of literary texts that illuminate one another and enable connections.

AS level specifications will include at least one example of each of the genres of prose, poetry and drama.

A level specifications will include at least two examples of each of the genres of prose, poetry and drama.


Students will experience a wide range of reading in poetry, prose and drama.

AS level specifications will cover a minimum of four texts that include at least one text published before 1900.

A level specifications will cover a minimum of eight texts, at least three texts published before 1900 (including at least one play by Shakespeare) and at least one work first published or performed after 2000.


Find the right texts for you below, we've selected some of the most popular editions, but you can still search for other editions using our home page.


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Last updated: 20/01/2017