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Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas

Chloe knows where she's going in life, it's planned and she's got everything ahead of her. That is until her Dad drops a bombshell and she is left dealing with the aftermath. As family loyalty is first in her mind she works out a way to stay and look after her distraught Mother, sacrificing her one way out of their tiny town. Then she meets Ethan, a sweet boy, who is sweet on her. He's supportive when she needs it and life doesn't quite seem so bleak.

As Oliver, the favoured son, returns to the family home unannounced his presence immediately effects Chloe. This new mysterious and intriguing man in her life sets her in a very different path. He can see the real her, the potential she's wasting in her small town job in her small town. Torn between the safe Ethan and the unknown Oliver, Chloe's guilt fights with her loyalty and as events shape her future she discovers all sorts of desires she never knew she had.

Dangerous Boys is advertised as a teen thriller, but to be honest they could have dropped the "teen" and advertised it to both teens and adults. As much as I don't like directly comparing books this would make a great gateway book for teens before reading Gone Girl.

Your interest is piqued when you get sneak peaks as the book switched from "now" and "then" views and you read the build up and the revelation alongside one and other. The story hides the all important facts well as you read, and I found myself changing my mind about where the plot was going every chapter. There is nothing unneccesary in the book either, all the characters play a part to shape the story and where it leads.

A very enjoyable read, that brings goosebumps and jaw dropping. Everything about the book seems well thought out, even the last line leaves you with wonder... and slight doubt... in your mind. I couldn't put it down and had work not got in the way I could have easily finished it in one very satisfying binge read.

A certain winner for those who enjoyed Gone Girl and the like. I'd recommend it to any readers who enjoy thrillers and off-beat romances. Some of the content may not be suitable for younger readers, if you haven't got round to reading it yourself [and you should!] it might be worth checking sections to see if the slightly more adult moments are suitable for eager readers.

Check out Abigail Haas' other book Dangerous Girls as well as Dangerous Boys.