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July 2017 - New Titles

16+ July 2017 12+ Fiction - July 2017 12+ Non-fiction - July 2017 7 to 11 (KS2) Fiction - July 2017 7 to 11 (KS2) Non-fiction - July 2017 5 to 7 (KS1) Fiction - July 2017 5 to 7 (KS1) Non-fiction - July 2017 Picture Books - July 2017

June 2017 - New Titles

16+ June 2017 12+ Fiction - June 2017 12+ Non-fiction - June 2017 7 to 11 (KS2) Fiction - June 2017 7 to 11 (KS2) Non-fiction - June 2017 5 to 7 (KS1) Fiction - June 2017 5 to 7 (KS1) Non-fiction - June 2017 Picture Books - June 2017

Featured Booklists

Book of the Month June Reading Well Books On Prescription (Young People's Mental Health) 2015's Top Library Titles 100 Fiction Books - Primary School 100 Fiction Books - Secondary School CILIP Carnegie Medal CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal

Primary Fiction

Adventure Primary Classics Primary Comedy Primary Fantasy & Magic Primary Historical Primary Mystery Primary Myths & Legends Primary Shakespeare Stories Primary

Secondary Fiction

Adventure Secondary Comedy Secondary Crime Thriller Secondary Graphic Novels Secondary Historical Secondary Horror Secondary Science Fiction & Fantasy Secondary First World War: Fiction - 11+ Contemporary Secondary Relationship Secondary Romantic Secondary Short Stories Secondary

Primary Non-Fiction

Atlases & Map Skills Primary Computing Primary Poetry Primary Reference Primary First World War: Fiction, Non-fiction & Poetry 7 to 9 First World War: Fiction, Non-fiction & Poetry 9 to 11

Secondary Non-Fiction

First World War: Non-fiction & Poetry - 11+ Poetry Secondary Atlases Secondary Dictionaries Secondary Subject Dictionaries Secondary

Reluctant Reader Further Reading: Girls Graphic Novels

Back to RR.pngWhy are graphic novels great for reluctant readers?

  • Adaptations of novels act as a great introduction to the complete text.
  • The illustrations help understand context in the story.
  • Text is often easier to understand, as it comes in shorter chunks, and creates confidence in their reading skills.
  • They also help to improve a readers visual literacy.

While these books aren't exclusively for girls, they have proved to be firm favourites.


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