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AS & A Level Sociology Textbooks

Sociology AS and A Level will be taught from 2015, with AS first being awarded and 2016 and A Level in 2017.

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Core Content

Below are some of the key points from the government document on subject content for AS & A Level Sociology.

  • Students should study the following concepts and theoretical issues:
    • social order, social control
    • social change
    • conflict and consensus
    • social structure and social action
    • the role of values
    • relationship between sociology and contemporary social policy
  • Methods of sociological enquiry:
    • collection of primary and secondary data
    • analysis of quantitative and qualitative data using appropriate concepts
    • factors influencing the design and conduct of sociological research
    • practical, ethical and theoretical issues arising in sociological research
  • Students are required to study the following themes:
    • socialisation, culture and identity
    • social differentiation, power and stratification
  • Students should be able to show the following skills:
    • analyse and evaluate the design of sociological investigations
    • analyse and evaluate the method(s) used in these investigations
    • distinguish between facts, opinions and value judgements
    • select and apply a range of relevant concepts and theories
    • interpret qualitative and quantitative data
    • identify and evaluate significant social trends shown in evidence
    • evaluate theories, arguments and evidence