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AS & A Level Psychology Textbooks

Psychology AS and A Level will be taught from 2015, with AS first being awarded and 2016 and A Level in 2017.

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AS & A Level Year 1

A Level Year 2:

AS & A Level:



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Core Content

Below are some of the key points from the government document on subject content for Psychology.

  • Specifications must require students to have a basic understanding of the scope of different areas in psychology and the breadth of different approaches used in psychology.
  • AS specifications must require students to develop knowledge and understanding from all of the following areas:
    • cognitive
    • social
    • developmental
    • individual differences
    • biological
    • methods and techniques for collection of quantitative and qualitative data
    • experimental design
    • descriptive statistics
  • A level specifications must require students to develop further knowledge from at least two of the core areas (from cognitive, social, development, individual differences and biological psychology) and different approaches used in them:
    • the applications and implications of psychology to cultural, social and contemporary issues
    • the interrelationship between different areas of psychology
    • the scientific nature of psychology
    • the application of theories, concepts and approaches to the solution of problems
    • the design and reporting of investigations and drawing valid conclusions from them
    • the collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data including the use of inferential statistics
    • the application of principles and perspectives
    • an appreciation of issues and debates in psychology