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AS & A Level Politics Textbooks

Politics AS and A Level will be taught with new specifications from 2017, with AS first being awarded and 2018 and A Level in 2019. Take a look at some of the key points about the latest changes and find textbooks for the current A Level.

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Core Content

Below are some of the key points from the government document on the changes to AS & A Level Politics that will be coming soon:

  • Students will be expected to understand the relationships between different areas of study and of their significance
  • Develop a broad understanding of historical development in politics in the UK
  • Study one of the following: government and politics of the United States of America or global politics (A)
  • Students must develop knowledge and understanding in the following areas:
    • Political participation in the UK
      • British constitution
      • Structure, role and powers of Parliament
      • Accountability of the government to Parliament
      • Ministerial responsibility
      • Supreme Court
      • Impact of devolution on the UK
    • Democracy and participation
      • Current systems of representative and direct democracy in the UK
      • Debates over sufferage
      • Different pressure groups
      • Other influences over government and Parliament
      • Main sources of rights in the UK
    • Elections and voting
      • Three key general elections (1997, one before and one after)
      • Different electoral systems
      • Referendums
    • Political parties
      • Origins and history of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties
      • Funding
      • Success and failure of parties
      • Development of multi-party system
    • European Union, it's aims and achievements
    • Political ideas (A)
      • Liberalism
      • Conservatism
      • Socialism
      • Nationalism
      • Feminism
      • Multiculturalism
      • Anarchism
      • Ecologism
    • Government and politics of the USA (A)
      • The Constitution
      • Congress
      • President
      • Supreme Court
      • Democracy and participation
      • Civil rights
    • Global politics (A)
      • Global governance
      • Developments in global politics
      • Globalisation
      • Regionalism