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AS & A Level Music Textbooks

Music AS and A Level will be taught from 2016, with AS first being awarded and 2017 and A Level in 2018.

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Digital Products

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Core Content

Below are some of the key points from the government document on Music for AS and A Level.

  • Students must develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the musical elements, musical context and musical language.
    • Musical elements
      • Organisation of pitch
      • Tonality
      • Structure
      • Sonority
      • Tempo, metre and rhythm
      • Texture
      • Dynamics
    • Musical contexts
      • Composer, performer and audience
      • Occasion, time and place
    • Musical language
      • Reading and writing staff notation
      • Chord symbols and harmonic progression
      • Technical musical vocabulary
  • Make use of musical elements, techniques and resources to interpret musical ideas with technical and expressive control and an understanding of style and context.
  • Perform with a sense of continuity using approproate tempi, showing critical understanding of the music chosen.
  • Compose with the use of musical elements, techniques and resources to create, develop and refine musical ideas with technical control and expressive understanding.
  • Produce compositions that make some use of musical ideas and show some understanding of musical devices and conventions in relation to the chosen genre style and tradition.