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AS & A Level Computer Science Textbooks

Computer Science AS and A Level will be taught from 2015, with AS first being awarded and 2016 and A Level in 2017.

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Digital Products

Dynamic Learning:

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Core Content

Below are some of the key points from the government document on subject content for AS & A Level Computer Science:

  • Students are required to know the fundamentals of computer science and programming including:
    • fundamental of programming
    • concept of data type
    • data representation
    • following and writing algorithms
    • methods of collecting, selecting and distributing data to produce information for specific purposes
    • systems software, functions and needs
    • characteristics of contemporary systems architectures
    • characteristics of networks and the importance of networking protocols and standards
    • the opportunities and risks of digital technology
    • efficiency of algorithms (A)
    • standard algorithms (A)
    • use of databases (A)
  • Students should be able to show the following skills
    • systematic approach to problem solving
    • design, write and test programs
    • articulate how a program works
    • use abstraction effectively
    • apply computing-related mathematics
    • know and understand how to write specifications for a programming solution (A)