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AS & A Level Business Studies Textbooks

Business Studies AS and A Level will be taught from 2015, with AS first being awarded and 2016 and A Level in 2017.

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Digital Products


Core Content

Below are key points from the government document on subject content for AS & A Level Business Studies. Students should be able to:

  • Identify business opportunities and problems
  • Investigate, analyse and evaluate business opportunities and problems
  • Apply numerical skills
  • Make justifiable decisions using both qualitative methods and quantitative methods
  • Identify and understand how businesses adapt to operate successfully in a dynamic business environment
  • Promote an holistic understanding of business and enterprise
  • Apply basic business concepts to a wider range of contexts (A)
  • Understand and apply more sophisticated concepts and techniques (A)
  • Analyse, interpret and evaluate more complex business information (A)
  • Take a more strategic view of business opportunities, problems and issues (A)