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AS & A Level Biology Textbooks

Biology AS and A Level, taught from 2015, with AS first being awarded and 2016 and A Level in 2017.

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Core Content

Below are some of the key points of study from the government document on subject content for Biology.

  • The Biology specification must ensure that there is an appropriate balance between plant biology, animal biology and microbiology and include an appreciation of the relevance of sustainability to all aspects of scientific developments
  • Covering biodiversity: the variety of life both past and present, classification, adaptations of organisms to their environements
  • Exchange and transport: factors such as size or metabolic rate, passive or active transport, structure of the plasma
  • Cells: cell theory, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, cell cycles.
  • Biological molecules: living organisms and their roles and functions, sequence of bases in DNA, enzymes.
  • Ecosystems: biomass transfer through ecosystems, microorganisms and their role, dynamic equilibrium of populations.
  • Control systems: homeostasis, genome, coordination.
  • Genetics and evolution: transfer of genetic information, sequencing projects, gene technologies.
  • Energy for biological processes: cellular respiration.